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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Evaluation time part 7!!

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
To show the use of technology I thought I would do it via visual mood boards and a brief explanation:
Within my project technology was a vital role within it, it helped me edit my work, find research for my project and stored my work on the net somewhere as well. Though it didn`t come without its issues, such as personally my laptop breaking and needing to go into repair whilst during the evaluation process; this could be easily resolved with trip to my local library!
Mood board
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Evaluation time part 6!!

Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

I feel that our preliminary task was a great help towards our main projects in regards to filming, it helped realise the best angles, timings and how we structured our sequence. The reason being we used the idea of some walking around a street and walking into a room for both projects. Though our preliminary was a lot more simple. Though we used camera techniques such as tracking, mid shot and close up. Though in other respects certain actions that were slightly more complicated such as two person shot were not used; but it was not relevant so not needed, though we proved we could do this via preliminary.
There is also a very apparent improvement in regards to the quality of the video itself on the website vimeo, this has improved extensively since then and is a lot more clear to read. Another apparent change between the two videos is the editing, the editing in the preliminary is very jumpy and doesnt flow as well as the film intro.
Also within the preliminary task there are some very apparent glitches and it is a bit shakey in some parts, this slightly apparent lack if knowledge was hopefully ironed out in our main task!


Main Task

Evaluation time part 4 and 5!!

Who would be the audience for your film?

& How did you attract/address your audience?
Question 4

This is Alice Richardson. She is 16 years and 8 months old, and lives in the suburbs of London.
She likes dressing as if she is from a different era and loves to style her hair and clothing like she is from these times - her favourite eras being the 40s, 50s and 60s. She enjoys sleepovers with her friends, and shopping at the weekends with her pocket money. She shops in places like H&M, New Look, Charity Shops, Vintage Shops and Topshop.

She enjoys films like Submarine, Rock Horror Picture Show, Sabrina, Quadrophenia, 500 Days Of Summer and Some Like it Hot. She finds out about these movies via blogs sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest and the buys them on DVD out of intrest and to widen her interests.

She also enjoys watching TV shows like Sherlock, Friends, LA Ink, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Therory, America's Next Top Model, Misfits. The main channels would be Channel 4; E4; ITV; BBC One and Three; Comedy Central.

The music this girl would listen to would be anything that catches her ear though normally takes a preference to more alternative, varying from metal, rock, soul, anything before from the 20th century and indie music - not really a 'hip hop' or 'pop' or 'dub-step' kinda girl, though wouldn`t rule out giving them a listen. Listens to X FM for Indie favourites. She also looks up videos on You Tube and normally prefers buying her music via albums on CD.
I think our film would appeal to this girl as she is not your typical mainstream girl who enjoys typical girly things, therefore, she would therefore probably watch this film as it is off the beaten track and she make preferences to things that are not of this time; so this may appeal to her. Also this film is similar to other films she likes, such as Quadrophenia, Nowhere Boy, V For Vendetta and American Beauty.

Question 5
I feel that my target audience are teenagers and young adults who are into more independent films and like more experimental or more unusual story lines and less conventional settings. This as well as the theme of coming of age makes the film relatable to its young audience.
When looking at this question I think the way in which I would attract the target audience I would use slightly more obscure social networking sites such as Tumblr and Pininterest. Though I may still use more popular websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The places I would stock the film if it was to be distributed to shops like HMV and internet shops like Amazon. 
My film would be release on a fairly small scale and may not appeal to a mainstream audience as much due to it being in sepia which is not the norm currently. It may be released in Odeon as they show films which on the beaten track such as The Artist. My film would also be released in Picture House Cinemas.

Evaluation time part 3!!!

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The media instuition that I think my opening sequence for my film would be distributed to would either be an independent film company or a more mainstream company that creates more obscure work. The company I decided to put as the ident at the beginning of my intro is Film Four, I decided that this would be perfect due to films like "This is England" were along the same lines as "Heartful of Soul" though it is not as explicit as that! 
I also think that my my film would be distributed to audiences that find films such as The Artist and Qudraphenia interesting as it is like a window to another world and is reminiscent of the "good old days".

I think that the rating of my film would be a 12A as the film would contain mature themes as we see the "journey" of Curtis which may involves things such as sex or drugs.
My film would be release on a fairly small scale and may not appeal to a mainstream audience as much due to it being in sepia which is not the norm currently. It may be released in Odeon as they show films which on the beaten track such as The Artist. My film would also be released in Picture House Cinemas.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Evaluation time part 2!!

How does you media product represent particular social groups?
Since I have several social groups involved in my sequence I shall have to evaluate them all:

Both males seem to have the same kind of ruffled hair which was a typical look of a student of the 60s. They both have quite a laid back look about them.Though a personal improment for me would maybe have "Curtis" wear a pair of sun glasses though it may have not worked too well with the weather!

These two have quite apparent similarities though the difference are also appparent. Both are wearing shirts though our recreation wears without a tie and unbuttoned, both have the same kinda of hair style and both are wesring jackets though the 60s photo wears a blazer unlike ours which wears a leather jacket. 

I would say that say that personally we have got this look quite spot on; both men have large glasses on, both smartly dressed (though our recreation has a smarter look to him with a shirt and tie), there both walking in a street and have their hands in their coats.

These two photos have quite a like looks to them, later on in the sequence the actor in the sequence begins to play the guitar which relfectas the hippie further.Both are wearing jeans, a pastel shirt and a waist couat over their outfits.  

As the main theme I feel personally for our title sequence was the change in style and social groups that the character Curtis goes through throughout the intro. I feel it shows his changing identity as an musican, teenager to adult and of the changing times of the decade.
I think that all of our own renditions of the 60s social groups. Most of the photos that I used to campare my work to are all either from modern movies set in the 60s or look as if they were recreated; the only one ofthe selection that seems as if it is genuinely from the 60s is the Teddy Boy one.
I feel that personally be have captured the essence of 60s quite well and though we did not have the budget that the people who created these films had, we didnt do to bad of a job with it!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Evaluation time part 1!!

1) In what ways does your media project use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The Title of the Film:
The title of the film is displayed in the first minute of the video around the middle of the minute. The title of the film is taken from a Yardbirds song called heart full of soul; we thought it would be a good message within the title. We also thought that we wanted the title to be 60s inspired, so we decided to choose a more less known band and not to go for a typical song or band as it may seem a little cliché; we found the song on a site which showed the most popular songs of the 60s and Yardbirds where slightly lower on the list.

I decided to set the sequence in a simple street location as it would be easy to find a place to film it; would be the best way to make a location look like it was from another time (especially if it is deserted). We decided to film on Coney Hall High Street as it was close to Ciaran`s house and the school so there was less lugging about of the equipment. We also thought Coney Hall was best as it was a quiet street and not many people walked down it and there was only one particularly modern existent which was a bus stop; which was fairly easy to get out of the frame.

Costumes and props:
Costume was one of the key aspects of the sequence due to this being how the audience would be able to realise that the progression of time had happened. The costumes all reflected a different time and sub culture of the 60s. The first being Teddy Boy, then Mod, the next more causal and last being a hippy. The costumes also intertwine with the radio announcements as they both show progression. 
Props are used three times in the sequence which are the glasses he put on when he is a mod and looks "suited and booted"; the original idea for this part was that he would light a cigarette, firstly we could not get a cigarette in time for filming and we also felt it would give the wrong idea so decided against it. At the beginning of the sequence Curtis is combing his hair which is a slight stereotype of the Teddy Boy which gives the impression of the 60s more. The final part of the sequence shows the character playing a guitar which links well with the concept as Curtis is meant to be a struggling musician. 

Camerawork and editing:

I used numerous different camera angles which when filming Ciaran were all done with out a tripod; I like the effect that was created from it; though it may been handy at some points as I tripped a few times! The mixture of the different angles as it kept the sequence interesting; used shots such as side, front, mid shot, establishing and close up. I liked how the character walked towards the camera as it was a good way to make a transition in editing. Editing was another aspect which helped the progression in time, the ordainment of the clips worked well to show a change. In editing it was the best way to get the whole piece together and up to scratch;
it helped with seeing flaws and cutting down certain recordings. It was also the opportunity to as an old film effect to make it more convincing of the time and look almost like a  home video. 

Title font and style:
The title is in capital letters and is inspired by the font Gothic Century; this reminded me of the film Submarine and has a slick, educated feel to it. The effect that I used for the titles on Live type was outline. The outcome of this link even more to the film and its concepts as being set in the 60s and being about a young man possibly moving on from education.

Story and how the opening sets it up:

The story does not go into much detail within the first two minutes of the opening sequence but end part of the sequence is the key part to suggest what the story is about. This due to Curtis playing the guitar on screen which shows he is musician and at the end he is asked if he got the job and he looks down in sadness; this suggests he is in dilemma and did not get the job.

Genre and how the opening suggests it:

The genre that our film/ title sequence is costume drama; this is due mainly to the how the character looks and is portrayed in the opening suggests this. Another reason why the opening suggests its a costume drama is because of the use the radio announcements, all of these are explain certain events key to the 60s and sets the scene for it to be set in this time period. The film is also about coming of age this is partially suggested by the change in clothes and setting  which shows progression.

How characters are introduced:

The main character is introduced throughout the title sequence which helps the audience show the different aspects of the character. We don`t go into a lot of detail of the character`s personality but a title sequence is normally not the time to do this. The only other character we are introduced is the woman who asks whether Curtis gets the job, we do not know who this person is as they are not on the screen but this sets off the film as the character struggles with finding a job after he finishes this stage in his life which was in the 60s. 

Special effects:
The special effects used in the sequence from Final Cut were a perfect way to show progression of time with concerns to certain parts the main part as a tree was involved and it was the best way to transcend into the next part. Another part where special effects are involved is when a spilt screen appears; I though this would look stylish and it was good way to get two different angles of a shot I really liked.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Working on my main project!

Today I did my initial recordings for my intro which were my radio recordings, though they were not as long as I hoped they would be so I will "creatively adapt" my current sound I have. I also recording some radio "jingles" on xylophone, I will see what sounds best for each different news report. I will also possibly add radio frequency to make it sound more convincing. I shall look through them tomorrow and see what I can do. I also need to complete my photographic story board soon as well.

I began to work on my titles for my intro; I decided I would make the text capital letters with the bold on "soul", I also decided the font I would would be Gothic Century. I also think I will put the titles to the side screen to put emphasis on the main character and what he is doing. I got the inspiration for making the titles this way is from films such as Nowhere Boy, Submarine and Quadrophenia. 

I do not have media today, so I will reflect on what I still have to do: my filming for my sequence, finish off my other titles and i may need Morrison`s assistance with this as my title keeps coming the screen too quickly so I shall have to sort that out. I will not be using music on my intro unless the recordings, "frequency" and "jingles" is not long enough for whats on screen; if so I will ask some friends to record some 60s in~spired music.

Slight set back for filming... Ciaran and I forgot to get the camera from Adam on Thursday (as it was a day off today), so we were unable to do any filming today. I dont think this will put either of us too behind as we both have done other things such as our surveys, risk assessments and I began my titles. I will most likely do my filming Wednesday afternoon as this is the best time both all people involved.

In my double period I done some of my filming! I did the section when he is a Mod, I changed it slightly to instead of him smoking a cigarette I made him put on glasses instead. I will being doing the rest of the filming on Wednesday hopefully.

I continued doing my titles for the sequence, Morrison showed different effects I could use on them; I now have some titles to put on the intro in final which look good on the screen, though I used the infamous screen wipe on my titles but it looks good so I will stick with it!

I completed my titles for the sequence I made up some names to go with Ciarans name so it seems more like a convincing intro. As well as this I also completed my filming as well!! It all went really well though there are some out-takes due to record button being on without realising, tripping over and my boyfriend being shot and not knowing what to do! I  also changed some of my ideas do with filming but I think it is for the better. I also took my final photos for my story board which I will finally be able complete and put on my blog!

I do not have lesson this day.

I uploaded my videos on to final cut, all looks well I dont think I will have to do too much re filming, which makes me happy!

I was not in the lesson

I began to put my videos onto final cut along with the title from live type, I have done around 24 seconds, I think I may have to refilm part of it but it should be fine for now unless it too apparent.

Added more to my sequence and up to 40 seconds, not full done editing this section by I know where I want to go from there.

Did not have a lesson today

Editing my intro sequence a little bit today, I added a split screen effect to a certain part with the help of Mr Morrison, which I though looked good and gave a stylish effect to this certain part of the sequence. I am debating whether to use it for another part as which I think I will so the other spilt screen part does not look too out of place. I have also decided that the film company I am going to put at the start of my intro; I thought that Focus Pictures would be the best as they have films that remind me of the idea of my film.

In the first part of my double period I sorted out my blog so that the layout was correct;I also added some photos so that looked more appealing and eye catching. 
In the next period Sir helped me do some more of my editing, I added a transition, and worked on the walking of Ciaran so that it was  all in sync.

I also need to crop this section at the beginning.
So that it starts like this....

This was the transition created

Today Ciaran and I decided to join forces and become one group! We are going to be using my intro still; I feel this will be beneficial for us both as two heads working on this project will make it ten times better. I also sorted out my blog more. 

Today I put the ident on to out film intro! I decided to change it from Focus Pictures to Film Four, part of the reason for this was because Focus was one I was unable to load from the site Sir showed us; though I do feel it will give the same affect as the other film company. I also worked out where some of the other titles will be placed


Day of reflection: Well all seems to be up to speed in terms of work and hopefully we will have a kinda finished piece by the middle of next week! (Fingers crossed!!!!), we are hoping to put the sound on next lesson and editing to make it fit whats on screen; Ciaran is also hoping to get some friends to help him with creating the 60s inspired music by the weekend. We also need to get 10-20 seconds of establishing shots to adapt to our sequence to make longer, as it only comes to 1:20. We are also considering what to put at the end in regards to the acting; we are thinking of having the character go into a room/house and begin to play a guitar (only a thought at the moment!)

Today apparently was the deadline for the first edit... well.... not many of have got it done (if any!)
Well today Ciaran and I got a lot done if we may say so ourselves: We put all the titles in the correct places so it flowed a lot better, we also had to make the font a little smaller so it would look more convincing as being a film intro sequence. We then went though our radio announcements to find the best recordings which we like and put them into the edit; this as well as some radio static to give it more of a realistic feel.
After school we went to Coney Hall again to get some establishing shots to put at the start of the video to make the sequence a little longer, this as well as filming "Curtis" going into a house, then into his room to play the guitar and being asked a question.


 We also put on some of the establishing shots we took and put them at the beginning like we said, they give a nice welcoming to the sequence to get us prepared for the rest of the video. We also added the videos of Ciaran walking us the stairs, then opening a door then going to his bedroom and playing the guitar. We also had to alter our script and made Curtis a musician instead of a actor and also had to add the little bit at the end. Sir looked through our edit and thought it was coming along well but it need some tweaking here 

Ciaran and some of his friends recorded a track for our sequence!!! It sounds really good and defiantly sounds 60s inspired; we put it onto the time line on final cut and will have too tweak it in some part to make the radio static and announcements all work together and sound appealing to the ear. Its also got a good 
pace to it but gets slower at the end
 which gives a good effect to the tone of the sequence.

and there which he would assist with. Also before I forget... WE HAVE OUR TWO MINUTES!!!!

Today Ciaran and I during our action day done some editing so we were ahead; Ciaran cut down the establishing shots slightly so it didnt go on for too long and get boring. We also began to go through the sound again to get the guitar in the track and Ciaran playing the guitar on the screen to match, we then went on to go through the video all together to get the track, announcements and static to all combine together.. proving to be a little difficult, but we like a challenge!!

We had PD so we were unable to work on our project today; so instead I updated my blog instead at home so everything is up to date. Just have to add some pictures.

Day of reflection: well we have got a lot done since last week which we are both very pleased with; its now more of a case for us to be tweaking out edit to make it look more like film like. We will add an old film effect to it, we dont want it too look to tacky so we will alter the gamma to give this effect. We also still in the process of editing our sound to put it into sync, there are also some other parts of the video which we may need to find a way to transcend into a look more "slickly". But all seems well at the moment... hopefully!

We added the old film effect to the sequence and its pretty good! Instead of doing it via gamma,we went on effects, then video effect, then quick time and used two different effects which were desaturate and sepia. Though the sepia effect is a bit too strong so on Monday we will lower it a little so we can still slightly see the colour. We also need to rerecord the part when I say "Did you get the job?" as well.

Currently in this lesson at the moment and we are unable to get on our mac with the video on it soooo.. little reflection! Just done the rerecording for "Did you get the job?" and just waiting to be able to put it on the sequence. We also found out that we have to lengthen our script so that it is a minute per sheet. Also plan to do some screen shots to my blog so it looks pretty! ;) Just have to wait!!!
So... I decided to just work on my blog and added "Did you get the job?", all we have to do is lower the DB.

I was not into today, but Ciaran added some new title to the sequence such as casting, supervisor, music and editing; we also thought this would not only put more on the screen but an opportunity to credit other people who helped toward this! Though it does not go with the rest of the other titles so will have change them slightly when I get the opportunity.

During our free Ciaran and I recorded our foley for the sequence; we went around the school trying to find the best steps! And we found them by the play ground in school:) We then recording walking; which we didn't use. And the highlight of this adventure was Ciaran and I doing a commentary of our adventure, which will be added soon!
During the lesson we captured our recordings and put them onto video. Its very discreet which is what we wanted and added a good undertone and softened the radio announcements.
We do not have a lesson today but the deadline to upload our sequence is the end of this week so we polished off the last of the clip! I changed titles so they all matched though the "crew" have darker text and lighter for the "cast".
We  also lowered the DB of "Did you get the job?" so it didn't sound out of place.