Thursday, 5 April 2012

Evaluation time part 2!!

How does you media product represent particular social groups?
Since I have several social groups involved in my sequence I shall have to evaluate them all:

Both males seem to have the same kind of ruffled hair which was a typical look of a student of the 60s. They both have quite a laid back look about them.Though a personal improment for me would maybe have "Curtis" wear a pair of sun glasses though it may have not worked too well with the weather!

These two have quite apparent similarities though the difference are also appparent. Both are wearing shirts though our recreation wears without a tie and unbuttoned, both have the same kinda of hair style and both are wesring jackets though the 60s photo wears a blazer unlike ours which wears a leather jacket. 

I would say that say that personally we have got this look quite spot on; both men have large glasses on, both smartly dressed (though our recreation has a smarter look to him with a shirt and tie), there both walking in a street and have their hands in their coats.

These two photos have quite a like looks to them, later on in the sequence the actor in the sequence begins to play the guitar which relfectas the hippie further.Both are wearing jeans, a pastel shirt and a waist couat over their outfits.  

As the main theme I feel personally for our title sequence was the change in style and social groups that the character Curtis goes through throughout the intro. I feel it shows his changing identity as an musican, teenager to adult and of the changing times of the decade.
I think that all of our own renditions of the 60s social groups. Most of the photos that I used to campare my work to are all either from modern movies set in the 60s or look as if they were recreated; the only one ofthe selection that seems as if it is genuinely from the 60s is the Teddy Boy one.
I feel that personally be have captured the essence of 60s quite well and though we did not have the budget that the people who created these films had, we didnt do to bad of a job with it!

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