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Evaluation time part 1!!

1) In what ways does your media project use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The Title of the Film:
The title of the film is displayed in the first minute of the video around the middle of the minute. The title of the film is taken from a Yardbirds song called heart full of soul; we thought it would be a good message within the title. We also thought that we wanted the title to be 60s inspired, so we decided to choose a more less known band and not to go for a typical song or band as it may seem a little cliché; we found the song on a site which showed the most popular songs of the 60s and Yardbirds where slightly lower on the list.

I decided to set the sequence in a simple street location as it would be easy to find a place to film it; would be the best way to make a location look like it was from another time (especially if it is deserted). We decided to film on Coney Hall High Street as it was close to Ciaran`s house and the school so there was less lugging about of the equipment. We also thought Coney Hall was best as it was a quiet street and not many people walked down it and there was only one particularly modern existent which was a bus stop; which was fairly easy to get out of the frame.

Costumes and props:
Costume was one of the key aspects of the sequence due to this being how the audience would be able to realise that the progression of time had happened. The costumes all reflected a different time and sub culture of the 60s. The first being Teddy Boy, then Mod, the next more causal and last being a hippy. The costumes also intertwine with the radio announcements as they both show progression. 
Props are used three times in the sequence which are the glasses he put on when he is a mod and looks "suited and booted"; the original idea for this part was that he would light a cigarette, firstly we could not get a cigarette in time for filming and we also felt it would give the wrong idea so decided against it. At the beginning of the sequence Curtis is combing his hair which is a slight stereotype of the Teddy Boy which gives the impression of the 60s more. The final part of the sequence shows the character playing a guitar which links well with the concept as Curtis is meant to be a struggling musician. 

Camerawork and editing:

I used numerous different camera angles which when filming Ciaran were all done with out a tripod; I like the effect that was created from it; though it may been handy at some points as I tripped a few times! The mixture of the different angles as it kept the sequence interesting; used shots such as side, front, mid shot, establishing and close up. I liked how the character walked towards the camera as it was a good way to make a transition in editing. Editing was another aspect which helped the progression in time, the ordainment of the clips worked well to show a change. In editing it was the best way to get the whole piece together and up to scratch;
it helped with seeing flaws and cutting down certain recordings. It was also the opportunity to as an old film effect to make it more convincing of the time and look almost like a  home video. 

Title font and style:
The title is in capital letters and is inspired by the font Gothic Century; this reminded me of the film Submarine and has a slick, educated feel to it. The effect that I used for the titles on Live type was outline. The outcome of this link even more to the film and its concepts as being set in the 60s and being about a young man possibly moving on from education.

Story and how the opening sets it up:

The story does not go into much detail within the first two minutes of the opening sequence but end part of the sequence is the key part to suggest what the story is about. This due to Curtis playing the guitar on screen which shows he is musician and at the end he is asked if he got the job and he looks down in sadness; this suggests he is in dilemma and did not get the job.

Genre and how the opening suggests it:

The genre that our film/ title sequence is costume drama; this is due mainly to the how the character looks and is portrayed in the opening suggests this. Another reason why the opening suggests its a costume drama is because of the use the radio announcements, all of these are explain certain events key to the 60s and sets the scene for it to be set in this time period. The film is also about coming of age this is partially suggested by the change in clothes and setting  which shows progression.

How characters are introduced:

The main character is introduced throughout the title sequence which helps the audience show the different aspects of the character. We don`t go into a lot of detail of the character`s personality but a title sequence is normally not the time to do this. The only other character we are introduced is the woman who asks whether Curtis gets the job, we do not know who this person is as they are not on the screen but this sets off the film as the character struggles with finding a job after he finishes this stage in his life which was in the 60s. 

Special effects:
The special effects used in the sequence from Final Cut were a perfect way to show progression of time with concerns to certain parts the main part as a tree was involved and it was the best way to transcend into the next part. Another part where special effects are involved is when a spilt screen appears; I though this would look stylish and it was good way to get two different angles of a shot I really liked.

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