Friday, 17 February 2012

Survey time!!

In today's lesson we looked at the website that Mr Morrison created to assist us with our coursework and then we discussed how to create a good survey, here our my notes:
Today I began to consider my survey question and how to get people to fill them in, I am either going send them to some friends on Facebook to fill in, put them on a survey website b(though this may take longer to get result) or to give them out to some people from my church. i think I will probably go with my first option as I can get the results easily.
 I created my survey with 15 questions. All of them I feel were relevant to the subject concerning the coursework, though some may confuse people due to not knowing the full picture of my project. i sent them out to 15 of my Facebook friends who I believe will all be reliable with for results. I hope it will take maybe 3 to 4 days for all the results to come through so that I can evaluate the results.
Here is my survey:

I sent out my survey to 15 of my Facebook friends of different ages, hopefully I shall get the results back quite soon! Though only people of my age have replied so I shall make is my target audience.
Today I got all of results back for my survey; I got some very interesting results that gave me an insight into a variety of opinions that will help me further in my study, though it was only 10 responses. As I said in my previous post I have decided to keep it to one age group as my target audience. Te results have helped me come to the conclusion that I shall use my idea for the film still as most people responded positively to the idea of 60s set film:

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