Thursday, 9 February 2012

Storyboard time!!

We did not have a lesson today so I did the majority of my photos for my photographic storyboard (only one sub culture left to do which is Hippy, will go to a few charity shops to find an outfit) and also took some photos where I am going to being filming my film intro. Apart from a few modern things in the street its quite a convincing place to film for a 60s inspired intro. I shall begin my editing to the photos to show how i imagine my video to look like, as well as do my storyboard.
I am also going begin to write exactly what I want my "newsreaders" are going to say, prepared for when we come back half term.

Today I looked at my photos I took for my story board, I decided on the photos I am going to use in them. I feel it is going to be quite a long story board but I feel this is vital to get every detail for my intro to make sure it goes perfectly. I am also going to decide whether or not to edit some of them as a few have modern features within them (Bus stops). I will also decide on what "reccie"shots of the location of my intro.

My storyboard, it took a while to completed but its done at last!

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  1. Evie, there are a lot of the graphics that aren't showing up on my computer - please would you check when you do your blog that they are properly posted and let me know - then I can fix my computer if it's being silly.